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Behind The Ear or BTE  
are hearing aids for all types of hearing loss from mild to profound.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) come in a variety of styles from miniature BTEs to larger high-powered hearing aids. 

Many BTE hearing aids offer multiple directional microphone systems for improved understanding of speech in noisy situations.
In The Ear or ITE
are hearing aids are also known as custom hearing aids. 

They are individually manufactured to fit a person’s ear. 

They range from invisible in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids to full-shell hearing aids
Kuhn Hearing Center is a Siemens Preferred Provider but we also offer products from Starkey, Oticon, Resound, Widex and now NuEar.
Featured Hearing Aid:

Siemens introduces Binax, its most advanced hearing aid technology yet

Key binaural features derive crucial practical benefits for the wearer:

Narrow Directionality: Focuses more precisely on the speech source at the front of the wearer by automatically narrowing the beam of the directional microphones. This helps wearers better recognize speech in demanding listening situations while maintaining spatial awareness.

Spatial Speech Focus: Highlights dominant speech from any direction, while suppressing background noise. It’s automatically activated when the wearer is in a car and does not affect spatial perception.

eWindScreen binaural: When in wind, strategically transmits audio signals from the instrument with better sound quality to the other one, without compromising spatial perception or speech intelligibility.

Check out Caption Call! 

Life is Calling

People are talking.

I love my CaptionCall phone. My callers are surprised that I can actually respond without asking them to repeat their sentences! Sometimes I forget to look at my captioning and I'll ask a person to repeat, then they say, "Aren't you reading your captioning?" Whoops. Still learning!

I have been profoundly hearing impaired for 43 years. This phone has opened the world to me socially. I can now make my own appointments. Not one office that I have called has as yet treated me rudely when I explain that I am calling and responding via CaptionCall. Each and every one has mentioned how wonderful it is that I am able to do this on my own. Face to face, my cochlear implants are great but on the phone I find I need the support of CaptionCall. Keep up the good work. I am spreading the word through my audiologist. Thanks.

Let us know how much you love CaptionCall at ccmarketing@captioncall.com.